Content Queen

Creative Operations Consultant

About Content Queen

My real name is Gabrielle O’Hare and I’m a Creative Operations Consultant, working with retailers on the business of high volume content creation to support online product sales.

I’ve been working in this field for over 10 years, developing content strategies, optimising the content production process for product images, videos and copy for some of the UK’s biggest retailers.

My experience, skill set and wider network means I can support the following organisations:


Helping retailers understand what is the right content mix to produce to support their product ranges; ensuring it is customer-focused, demonstrates real product expertise and is best-in-class and cost effective to produce.

I design content strategies and production templates, support with content-focussed organisational design and process implementation, and train in-house content teams to develop their content planning and production management skills.

I also produce content to set content guidelines, and can manage ongoing and high volume production requirements.

Content production solutions

I work with products and solutions providers in the content space.

My client-side knowledge of the pain points around content planning and production in large retail organisations gives valuable insights that can be used in the sales and marketing process and also product development strategies.

Experience & specialisms

For the past 18 months I ran Argos’ in house content studio, which is one of the biggest multi-media production studios in Europe. In addition to this, I was running a content project to improve Argos’ content standards and ways of working to enable them to produce better quality product content and higher volumes to support all channels and platforms.

I have expertise in the following:

  • Content strategy, content guidelines and product-level content planning
  • Cost effective content production process
  • Content production systems and workflow technology
  • Content testing and measurement strategies
  • Content meta-data for testing, internal content access and SEO

Before Argos, I ran my own product content consultancy and my clients included B&Q, Travis Perkins, Office Depot, Wilko, Boohoo and Argos….yes, that’s how I ended up at Argos!

Further back, I worked in commercial photography studios that specialised in high-volume production, developing content strategy and managing production for B&Q (again), Homebase, Sainsbury’s, Thomas Sanderson, Fired Earth and many more.

To say I’m passionate about product content is an understatement. It’s not quite a priority one issue for many retailers just yet, but all the signs are there that it will be soon.

Product content underpins digital retail, and has a huge impact on many aspects of site performance, and it really does have the power to drive sales.

About me

Aside from my professional life, I’m a self-confessed health and fitness nut, always planning my next healthy meal (love eating!) and throwing heavy things about in the gym. I also have a thing about cocktail bars with city views.

I love travel and speak passable Italian & Spanish, so tend to favour those countries so I can practice, but I’m trying to broaden my horizons with American and Northern Europe on my wish list.

If you share my content passion, don’t be shy and get in touch or feel free to subscribe to the blog so you get notification of new posts.

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